Garrett ACE 250

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When it comes to popularity, the Garrett Ace 250 often comes out at the top. It has become a standard option for newbies who are still learning how the metal detection game works. This is also one of the best selling options for a number of reasons, ranging from the one-touch operations to the affordable price tag.

Garrett Ace 250 Product Information

Easier On The Hands

One of the first noticeable features of the Garrett Ace 250 is its unique handle design. Instead of simply providing a straight handle, and S-shape mould is used. The S-shape handle creates a better grip for your hands, which makes it more comfortable to hold onto this metal detector.

In addition to the handle, there is a fixed elbow rest built into the Garrett Ace 250 metal detector too. This elbow rest helps to reduce pressure on your elbows and arms and allows you to carry the device for longer periods without experiencing fatigue.

Electronic Pinpointing

Accuracy is a key function in the Garrett Ace 250. An electronic pinpointing system is used, which helps to offer better accuracy for any piece of metal detected. Advanced accuracy means less digging up empty holes. This also allows for faster retrieval of relics, coins, and other metals.

The Garrett Ace 250 also comes with a discrimination system that uses special patterns. The pattern suggestions can be accepted or rejected at any time.

Further accuracy is provided through the coin depth indicator. This system will run continuously in order to provide better accuracy on depth readings.

Built-in Display

Seeing measurements live is easier with the built-in LCD display on the Garrett Ace 250. The LCD screen is positioned at a convenient location, which makes it easy to see while you are holding onto the device.

The LCD screen is accompanied by a control panel. The one-touch design of the buttons makes the system a better choice for beginners. Additional settings can be configured with some effort, which is why some intermediate relic and coin hunters also turn to this metal detector.

Value For Money

Value is an important factor with a metal detector, which is also something that the Garrett Ace 250 takes seriously. The metal detector features an affordable price, especially once you consider its overall functions.

The metal detector comes with a multi-piece travel system. A storage bag allows you to easily keep the metal detector safe when it is not in use. The device dissembles to fit into the bag, which also makes it a more portable option at the same time.


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