Fisher F22

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When the weather does not comply with a relic hunter’s trip outdoors, there should not be a need to stop the adventure. Many hunters want to continue their trip, exploring the outdoors and finding valuable treasures to dig up. Unfortunately, many metal detectors are unable to continue providing accurate measurements during certain weather conditions. The Fisher F22, however, provides an all-weather design that is rugged on the outside.

The Fisher F22 is one of the more affordable options on the market, allowing the beginner to get a taste of what it’s like to hunt for relics, coins, and other treasures, even when it starts to rain outdoors.

Fisher F22 Product Information

Fully Weatherproof Design

Even though the Fisher F22 is available at a low price point, this does not mean it lacks in terms of quality. A rugged design on the exterior of the Fisher F22 gives the relic hunter better performance on various terrains. The exterior of the metal detector can also deal with the average bumps and falls more effectively.

The Fisher F22 features a seal at the coil, making it more resistant to rain as well. While not fully submersible like alternatives, rain should not make relic and coin hunting a problem.

All-Purpose Detection

The Fisher F22 is not a speciality metal detector but instead offers an all-purpose design. This makes it an ideal option for beginners who are not yet sure what they want to focus on. The metal detector is able to identify a variety of metal types under the ground. This includes relics that have been buried, as well as coins of all sizes.

Superior Operating Time

A short operating time and battery life is a common problem among relic hunters, especially when considering some of the more affordable systems that are available. The Fisher F22 uses two standard AA batteries, which makes some relic hunters unsure of its overall performance. Luckily, the system was designed to be more efficient in terms of power usage. With a single set of AA batteries, the user can expect an operating time between 25 and 30 hours.

Iron Audio

The use of Fe-tone iron audio technology provides better accuracy when an object is detected. The iron audio system can be adjusted to fit the needs and preferences of the relic hunter. By default, the system already provides a beginner-friendly configuration. More advanced users can use the adjustment options when they have something specific in mind, such as smaller metal particles.


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