Garrett AT Max

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The Garrett AT Max is a beginner-friendly metal detector that uses a variety of mods and technologies to make your hunting trips easier. From a backlit screen to the ability to quickly adjust the volume, this device has functions that are great for beginners and intermediate relic hunters. The metal detector offers the perfect technology for coin and relic hunting and can be used on various terrain types.

Garrett AT Max Product Information

Lightweight Design

When you’re out searching for coins and relics, you do not want to be weighed down. A heavy metal detector might offer more advanced features, but it takes extra effort to carry it around.

The Garrett AT Max weighs just 3.40 pounds, with the Pro-Pointer AT adding another 0.61 pounds. This lightweight construction makes it easier to carry the metal detector with you.

Multiple Detection Modes

Beginners and intermediate users have options to suit their needs. The all-metal detection mode gives you the ability to detect any type of metal that is in a close perimeter to your location. This mode also provides greater reaches, ensuring you can identify relics that have been buried deep under the ground.

High sensitivity ensures you can detect even some of the smaller items around you. The sensitivity can be adjusted to suit your needs – making it ideal for targeting only big or small items at a time.

Wireless Communication

Pairing the Garrett AT Max with a compatible device adds to your experience and the overall usability of the device. By using a special Z-Lynk Wireless Technology, there is no need to worry about using cables when syncing the metal detector. You also have no need to keep your device’s Bluetooth turned on all the time, as wireless technology is used for transmission.

Included Accessories

The Garrett AT Max does not come alone. There is a range of accessories that accompany the purchase of this metal detector.

This metal detector uses exchangeable search coils to give you more flexibility. You also get your first exchangeable coil with the set, as an 8.5” x 11” PROformance DD Search Coil is included. A Pro-Pointer AT Pinpointer is also included with the metal detector. This pointer helps with accuracy, as well as providing better lighting at night or when digging.

Waterproof Design

Entering the water while equipped with the Garrett AT Max is no problem. The metal detector features a durable and waterproof structure. It can be used in both saltwater and freshwater, without the need to worry about rust and corrosion.


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