Garrett AT Pro

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If you’re serious about metal detecting, then you need a professional system. The Garrett AT PRO is a heavy-duty, all-terrain option that comes at a great price point. The metal detector uses a 15kHz frequency and even provides a waterproof construction.

Garrett AT PRO Product Details

Comes With Accessories

The Garrett AT PRO comes with two included accessories to make your metal detecting experience faster, easier, and more convenient. These accessories include a set of MS-2 headphones, as well as an 8.5” by 11” PROformance DD Search Coil.

Interchangeable Coils

The metal detector uses interchangeable search coils, which allows you to customise the range and functions of the sensors. VLF Single Frequency technology is used in the Garrett AT PRO.

Adjustable Shaft Lenght

The shaft of the metal detector can be adjusted according to your needs. The minimum length of the shaft is 42 inches, with a maximum extension length of 51 inches. This is also a beginner-friendly metal detector, featuring a range of basic functions that do not require advance knowledge and expertise.

All-Terrain Use

The Garrett AT PRO is ideal for use on the beach, especially due to the submersible design. You can use the metal detector in bodies of water that measures up to ten feet in depth.

You can use this metal detector on any terrain. Apart from the beach, it is also ideal for both dry and wet conditions. The all-terrain design creates more versatility when hunting for relics and treasure.

High-Res Audio

The Iron Audio technology provides superior discrimination, combined with a Mid-Tone Signal Range. The high-res iron discrimination function enhances the overall accuracy provided by the Garrett AT PRO.

The metal detector also features Pro Mode Audio technology. This function helps to provide better clarity. With the Pro Mode Audio, you can hear even some of the more subtle auditory changes when you’ve found your target. The audio technology offers improved accuracy on the size and conductivity of your target, while also offering information on the depth. By using audio technology, you also get a visual representation of the shape. This function can help you identify the type of object and determine if it is worth your time.

Multi-Object Detection

The Garrett AT PRO is able to help you identify a variety of items buried beneath the ground. The metal detector can target in on coins effectively. It is also an ideal metal detector for hunting down relics. The sensors are able to provide detection for any type of metal materials.


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