Garrett Ace 150

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Relic hunting is something that beginners and pros should be able to enjoy, but for those only starting out, spending too much on a metal detector seems like a bad idea. Budget-friendly equipment exists, but these do not always comply with the relic hunter’s needs.

The Garrett Ace 150 aims to change this, by creating a durable, lightweight, and high-performance metal detector and an impressively affordable price point. The metal detector comes with a digital display, one-touch functions, and a comfortable grip – making it an ideal choice for the inexperienced relic hunter.

Garrett Ace 150 Product Information

More Affordable Without Sacrificing Quality

One reason why relic hunters avoid cheap metal detectors is due to the lack of quality features. These relic hunters are often unable to distinguish between different types of items underground and tend to have weak speakers.

The Garrett Ace 150 is different. The low price tag makes it a more affordable option, but the metal detector does not sacrifice as many functions as alternatives. The relic hunter still gains access to functions that helps them find coins and other items buried under the ground.

Lightweight And Travel-Friendly Design

One of the most inconvenient things about a metal detector is carrying it around when it is not being used. Some metal detectors can bear quite a heavyweight, and they generally have long-form factors.

The Garrett Ace 150 is made from a lighter material, which means it does not weigh the person down while travelling. The entire structure easily divides into three different pieces. This adds another level of portability to the device. By breaking up the pieces, storing it in a more compact container is a breeze – and this also means the device takes up less space in a travel bag or car.

Packed With Functions

The low price tag is not the only factor that should make the Garrett Ace 150 an attractive option. The device is loaded with useful functions, some of which can be found in higher-end options too.

The Garrett Ace 150 features a digital target ID system. This helps the relic hunter distinguish between different items, based on the conductivity readings. Discrimination control also ensures trash and worthless items can be eliminated from the search.

With four sensitivity control options, it is possible to use this metal detector on various terrains. It takes only a single touch to switch between the sensitivity levels, and the LCD display provides fast and efficient feedback on settings and readings from the sensor.


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